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The Plumbing has been in business since 1978

service repair supply
service repair supply

Service Repair Supply

SRS4U is dedicated to providing reliable and high-quality home maintenance support!

From purchasing new appliances to repairing your old ones, we get it all done.

We believe that with the right people can handle anything at the right prices. Everybody can make sure their home runs smoothly and looks great. Our customers enjoy dedicated support, access to experts & professionals, a range of special access to discounts goods including top brand appliances and most importantly, the peace of mind that no home emergency is too big to handle!

We source local appliance engineers for white goods and household appliances with the credibility and qualification to deal with any mechanical or electrical breakdown.

We also source replacement appliances if they are beyond your budget for repair.

Founded on Trust & Quality Work

We would like to let all our potential customers know of our services and express how stress free it can be to get all sorts of home repairs & maintenance done.

Not only do we provide our services, we also explain reasons for an appliance to breakdown and whether or not a possible replacement or repair is better for them.

We take it upon ourselves to educate our clients:

A household appliance which is extremely old may have issues such as the parts may be hard to find. While a repair may be a temporary resolve, it can cause further breakdowns in the near future. Considering the cost of future repairs including labour, it may be much more economical to get a replacement.

Our Goals

We take the hassle out of finding cheap but trustworthy engineers.
We source appliances that meet the mechanical specifications.
We understand the need for reasonable prices.
We offer professional services for installations & repairs.
We dispose of old household appliances at competitive rates.

If you have any household appliance emergency, simply call our 24 hour emergency line.

Quick & Reliable Repair of Household Appliances!


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